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About me

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, which means I have been professionally trained as a counsellor/therapist and I can work ethically and safely with clients.​


I spent four years training to be a therapist, and I have a BACP-Approved Diploma in Integrative Relational Therapeutic Counselling. I also have a BSc (hons) in Psychology.​ I have worked as a counsellor in many different settings:

  • a higher education college

  • a domestic abuse charity

  • a general mental health counselling service.

As well as my clinical training, I have provided mental health support for many years. I have previously volunteered at The Listening Place, providing face-to-face fortnightly support to people who felt suicidal. I also volunteered with SHOUT, providing immediate text support to people seeking immediate emotional support. I have also provided some clinical support at the Traumatic Stress Clinic in London.


​I previously worked in social research and in my twenties I spent some time travelling the world – I am fascinated in understanding people and the societies we live in.


I know what it is like to be a client in therapy – it was my own personal experiences of counselling and the life-changing impact it had on my life that motivated me to become a therapist myself. I knew I wanted to provide empathy and compassion to others to support them on their healing journey.​​


My Values and Ethics

It is a real honour to do this work and I take my role very seriously. I strictly adhere to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy's Ethical Framework. I treat every client with respect, ensure autonomy, and am always trustworthy.​


I have regular clinical supervision to ensure I am working safely and effectively for every client. ​I continually learn and develop my skills through up-to-date training.


Recent training includes:

Compassion Focused Therapy Training - NHS (Online) (2023)

The role of Diagnosis in Counselling and Psychotherapy - Open University (2023)

Creative Interventions - CPTA (2023)

How to do Counselling Online - Open University (2022)

PTSD - NHS training (2022)


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